The more we follow strict GMP regulations the more competent we become
strict regulations are not a barrier for us.

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We have 4 separate production buildings with their facilities constructed according to GMP*regulations.

 Building (1)
Penicillin's Plant (Production lines for: capsule, tablet, powder for oral suspension, Dry powder for vials).
Other facilities: Big warehouse for RM* IPC* lab

Building (2)
Non-B-lactam generics plant (Production lines: Tablet line, Capsule line, liquid filling line).
Other Facilities: RM Warehouse, IPC lab.

Building (3)
Non-B-lactam generics plant (Production lines: liquid suspension, tablet line, capsule line, anesthetics liquid line).

Building (4)
Cephalosporin's Plant (capsule line, tablet line, powder for oral suspension line, injection line).
Other facilities: Q.C* lab for microbiology lab, warehouse to receive cephalosporin RM & Bottles.
*GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
*RM (Raw Material).
*IPC (In process Control).
*Q.C (Quality Control).

Other separate Buildings and facilities:
- Central Q.C building.
- Top management building.
- Middle management building (quality unit department, technical Department &HR Department).
- Main warehouses for finished products (warehouse management department).
- R& D building.
- Building for maintenance department & validation department.
- Water treatment unit.
- Waste water treatment unit.
- Documentation office, PR office.
- Production lines under construction supposed to be finished by end of 2010
- Ampoule and vial filling line.