We believe that utilizing our resources through continuous research & development leads to a better healthier future.


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National Company for Pharmaceutical Industry (NCPI)
Year of establishment: 1989
Founder: Dr.Haysam Al-Kamal
Chairman of the Board
General Manager

We believe that serving human health through continuous Research & Development leads to a better future.

NCPI applies European GMP, thus it was awarded certificate of PIC/S (pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Scheme) which gave it the advantage of being approved by WHO and European Union.
We are proud that the term "National" is our medal within our people and the gold is our medal throughout the world.

NCPI pursuits Excellency by relying on:
* Innovation.
* Creativity.
* Quality.
* Accuracy.
* Eco friendly.
* Credibility.
* Committment.

* Integrated quality system.
* Strong emphasis on research and development.
* Long term strategy to widen the range of therapeutic categories.
* Skilled professionals in all functions.
* Strong scientific oriented marketing approach.
* Committment to excellence in all work aspects.