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"National" is our mindful thoughts, Love, and Loyatly

That was the initiation, and from this belief, we embodied our cordial sensation and sincere feelings by naming our company as "National", with a full confidence and trust that everything should be national, thereby we insisted that the whole project should be national and should be done by us.
National, means as well, that we must acquire every knowledge and technology from outside, if required, and implement it as an essential basis of good manufacturing practice and quality assurance, throughout the plant production lines.

To say that our products are good and enjoying quality is not enough, unless it is supported by bioequivalence tests, which are confirmed by research centers, efficacy of our products is also confirmed by clinical practice.
Hence after years of serious and determined efforts we have been granted a golden medal for excellence, from the foundation of excellence in business practice in united nation in Geneva.

The brightness of this awarded golden medal which engraved the name of our company has enlightened the conference room, the corridors, and the yard of the UN. Where it rose up the name of NCPI and marked our company's finger print worldwide.

The dream has been accomplished, the commitment has been achieved, and eventually the success has been harvested, as well.

NCPI Received PIC/S certificate which gave it the advantage to be approved by (WHO) & European Union to export its products.

Finally don't we deserve now to be proud that the "national" is our medal inside our nation, and the gold is our medal throughout other nations.

Going global is the continuous goal, sky is the limit, our customers' needs, are rules & orders must be obeyed.

We are still committed to make this success continued, and persistently culminating our forehead infinitely.


 Dr. Haysam Alkamal

Managing Director